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Getting Public Liability Insurance for Your Fete

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Public schools generally don't have to worry about public liability insurance at a school, as this is covered under group-level policies, organised by the Department of Education in each state. However, when the school passes on permission for organisations such as the local sporting clubs to hold events on site, it's important for the organisation running the event to get a separate public liability policy to cover these events. 

Here are some things to consider when applying for public liability coverage, to maximise your chances of getting coverage for the lowest possible price.

Are your subcontractors covered under their own policies?

In most cases your contractors, such as food vans, lighting providers and staging hire, should also be covered under their own public liability coverage. You should ensure that they hold valid policies; while this doesn't detract from your need to have a separate policy, it may reduce the premium that you need to pay.

How will you manage risks to patrons?

There are some common risks to any patrons that may require an emergency evacuation, such as fires. It's important to think about how you will manage potential evacuations which could include steps such as having an emergency evacuation plan, nominating emergency wardens from the organising committee and clearly marking exits. This makes your fete a safer event for everyone. 

How will you manage cash handling and other security issues?

School fetes can be a lucrative source of money for school councils, but this cash can also be a temptation to the less law abiding. You can manage some of these issues by employing security guards, as well as moving to electronic payment options (which are becoming much more accessible thanks to various apps on mobile devices). 

Will you have high-risk attractions and shows?

Within a fete, you have a choice of the kinds of attractions and entertainment that you'll have on the site. Pyrotechnics and bouncing castles are generally considered much more high risk than options like magic shows and bubble blowing. As an organising committee, you'll need to balance the need to have an exciting event with lots of less-common attractions against having a lower risk event. 

Organising a public liability insurance policy for your fete can help you to relax and enjoy the day, knowing that you have the risks accounted for. The process of applying for public liability insurance can be a useful way to consider the risks in running a fete. For more information on public liability coverage, contact an insurance agency like Westralian Insurance.