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How To Seek Compensation For Workplace Injuries

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Workers' compensation insurance compensates employees who get injured at the workplace. By law, every Australian employer should have this insurance cover. Read this article for some tips on how to seek compensation for a workplace injury. 

Understand The Terms Of The Cover

Employers should educate employees about the terms of the insurance cover. For instance, you can only seek compensation for injuries that you suffer at the workplace. The injury should occur during official working hours. You must report the incident on time. In Australia, your claim becomes void if you do not report the incident within three years. Casuals, undocumented employees and subcontractors could be exempt from the insurance cover. 

Seek Medical Attention

As a rule, you must seek medical attention immediately after the incident. Besides, you should not miss doctor appointments and rehabilitation sessions. If you do, your employer and the insurance company could argue that you skipped hospital sessions to increase the value of your claim. Such allegations could complicate the compensation process.

Contact Your Employer

Inform your employer of the injury. He or she will contact the insurance company and make arrangements regarding your treatment. Your employer will also investigate the validity of your claim. He or she will conduct repairs to ensure that your co-workers do not get injured at the workplace. 

Find A Compensation Lawyer

A compensation lawyer will help you process your claim. Typically, the lawyer will assess the conditions under which the incident occurred. The insurance company will need you to prove that the incident occurred. Therefore, your lawyer could ask for evidence such as pictures or CCTV footage. The professional will check your hospital and employment records to know how much to claim from the insurer. Typically, you will receive more money if you have good wages (means you will claim more for lost wages) and severe injuries. 

Prepare For Interviews

Once the insurance company determines that your claim is genuine, they will invite you for a negotiation meeting. Typically, the insurer will give a counteroffer to your lawyer. If the offer is unreasonable, your lawyer could ask the insurance company to provide justifications. In some cases, insurance adjusters will want to conduct interviews. Your lawyer will prepare you for the interrogation. Besides, he or she will offer legal counsel during the probe.

You will be required to sign a settlement form once you accept an offer from the insurance company. It prevents you from suing the insurance company for the same injury.